Baby, it’s hot outside!

Go ahead, try it in July, I dare you (after Ramadan of course).

Go ahead, try it in July, I dare you (after Ramadan of course).

In case you haven’t noticed, it’s getting hot out there, and I hate to burst your bubble, but it’s only going to get hotter.  By hotter, I mean stepping outside will feel like stepping into an oven after it’s been on for a while, I mean egg frying on the side walk hot.

But fear not, dear sweaty souls, I have tips.  You see, this will be my TENTH summer in the Middle East, and as a Canadian born and raised who is by no means acclimated to this sweltering heat, I’ve developed a few coping techniques, that I’m happy to share with you, so let’s begin:

1. Don’t go outside

Yes, this one might seem extreme, but believe me, it’s a survival technique. Going outside in the heat of the summer should be limited to the walk from your car to your destination, and that should be no more than 200 meters at most, unless you want to melt like Olaf in the summer (you parents will get that one).

But? But! But? What are you supposed to do?  Stay in your house/office all summer?


Why in the world do you think the UAE has spent so much money on such fantastic air conditioned malls? Why do you think they are so full of awesome restaurants, theme parks, soft play zones for kids, and huge movie theaters?  Because it’s unbearable to be outside from June till October!

In Canada a mall is a few clothing stores, a food court with a couple of (usually gross) fast food shops, and, if you’re lucky, a small movie theater.  Here, they’re epic wonderlands of entertainment.  So don’t be snobby, and go enjoy them!

Go for the sharks, stay for the Cheesecake Factory

Go for the sharks, stay for the Cheesecake Factory 

2. Wear Long Loose Clothes


This kid see’s the sun twice a year at most

We from the colder “climes” have dressing for the heat all wrong.  After months without seeing the sun we have the urge to expose our pale, sun starved skin to the sun like….well…like pale, sun starved people…

Shorts and tank tops are great when the highest the temperature reaches is a balmy 30 degrees, but when the thermometer sneaks up past 50, it’s time to take our cues from the locals.  Long, loose cotton clothing is the way to go, whether black or white, both will keep you cooler than tight clothes or even the absence of clothing.  It wicks away sweat and shields your sensitive skin from UV rays.

3. Freeze Everything


Not as blissfully cool as this dog, but certainly better than nothing

Water, hats, shirts, pants.  Stick clothes in the freezer for 20 minutes before you need to head outside and it will give you a few minutes of coolness that might be all you need to get your car cool enough to sit in.  Keep a bottle of frozen water ready at all times, you can grab it before you go anywhere, and Boom! Blissfully cool water whenever you need it!

4. Speaking of Cars….


Or you can fry an egg while you wait, your choice.

Turn them on about ten minutes before you need to go anywhere.  Enjoy the fact that we live in a country with next to no grand theft auto, and leave your car on for a bit while you finish up stuff inside (the downside of this tip is deciding who gets to go outside and turn on the car, divorces have happened for lesser reasons).   I know it’s not the best for your carbon footprint, but it’s certainly better than roasting in your car attempting to breathe hot, stale air for ten minutes while you quickly sweat through your long, loose clothes.

Follow these tips and you might actually have an enjoyable summer….or at least a slightly less sweaty summer.   Best of luck!




By Erin Brannen

Senior Staff Writer, Khalifa University

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