10 Reasons to Love Photography

As a child I got interested in photography during a family vacation trip to Kashmir, in India, when my dad purchased a very basic film camera especially for the trip. Since then, my passion for photography has risen steadily and has become a very strong artistic outlet to express for me. Although I have a million reasons why I love photography, I would like to share 10 that might motivate others to take up the same hobby.

  1. Smile and spread smiles

Subjects and models are often asked to smile while their pictures are being taken. Once a great picture has been captured, yet another set of smiles appear on the subjects as well as the photographer.


  1. Capture memories to cherish later in life

All of us are generating hundreds of memories each day that can now be captured very easily to enjoy in later years. Digital photos are very easy to store, catalogue, search and retrieve at a moment’s notice.

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  1. Share your life with your family and friends

The information age no longer keeps us isolated from the world around us. We have the tools to instantly capture and share daily happenings with our large connected networks of family and friends.

  1. Every smartphone has a great camera

Smartphones have become omnipresent these days, and all the brands are furiously competing with each other to provide the best possible cameras and photo processing features. I have found myself increasingly capturing and sharing photos of the things happening around me.

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  1. Digital photography is not expensive

The market now runs the gamut from point-and-shoot to digital-single-lens-reflex cameras that fit all budget ranges and come loaded with advanced features which only the professionals could afford just a few years ago. Digital photos have almost zero processing charges. For beginners, photography is one of the least expensive hobbies — until it becomes a passion and you decide to seriously pursue it.

  1. Strongest trend of current times

Who does not want to take a selfie at exciting times and in interesting places with awesome people and then share it with the world? From celebrities to sportspeople, and even us commoners, are all addicted to selfies. Even the Oxford Dictionary has also officially included the word ‘selfie’ on its pages.

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  1. A photo speaks a thousand words

A single photo can portray a complete story without the need to say it in a lot of words. Photography gives you a chance to be creative and express visual stories from your daily experiences.

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  1. Social media sites thrive on photos

Young and old generations alike are playing with top social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. All these sites have designed their algorithms to give maximum coverage and visibility to photos that are posted rather than just text.

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  1. Display your own art on your walls

Rather than buying art from outside, I have printed and framed my beloved photos on the walls in my home. Because of my personalized photo gallery, the walls look much more interesting and create conversations with guests and family visiting my home.

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  1. Make money from your images

There are many dedicated websites and portals where you can upload your best photos. And, there are many companies and individual buyers who are searching to buy photos they need for media and marketing. Why not turn your hobby into money?

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By Zubair Safdar

Supervisor, Procurement & Contracts at Khalifa University


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  1. Hi Zubair,
    Congratulations to your new blog! Interesting reading and lovely photos. I look forward to reading more.

    All the best,

  2. Thanks a lot Lucia!! I’m really glad you enjoyed it…I am thinking of a few topics for future blogs
    Best regards,

  3. Hello Zubair,

    What a great initiative! I think the 1st reason is definitely the best to place on top. Lovely photos and inshallah we will see more of your talent.
    Best wishes,

    • Hi Pat,
      Thank you so much for your generous appreciation and encouragement which has always been there!! True ‘Smiles’ are what makes the world a better place. Inshallah I am motivated to post more such blogs.
      Kind regards,


    #5 When I look at all the albums ( even if they are from the cheapest camera ) which I have took I just feel the philosophy behind it & not just a picture its a story within the frame .
    #4 details taken makes me wonder of whatever is beyond & behind what are we in this small world .

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