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#tag: Who we are and What we do

Hi every one, and welcome to #tag.  What is #tag you ask?

#tag is Khalifa University’s voice to the world.  It’s our way of showcasing the brilliant minds we have at this university.

#tag is an opportunity.  An opportunity for creativity, for expression, for opinion and for education.  It’s primarily a blog, but it’s also an avenue for you to express yourself and to showcase to the world what our community has to offer.


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Whether you want to talk about travel, careers, science & technology, nature, lifestyle advice, art or social interests, #tag is your venue.

How can you submit?  It’s easy.  Write your entry (be sure to include high res photos, videos, charts or links as these make posts more interesting and searchable, you can even make a photo gallery if you’d like), and send it to External Relations at: blog@kustar.ac.ae.


Sample Video Post – Can be embedded from YouTube, Vimeo and Dailymotion

We will review your post (mostly for grammar and to ensure that your post is in keeping with the values and laws of this lovely country) and then post it, with your name, title and a photo, so everyone knows it’s by you!  So make sure you encourage your family, friends, next door neighbor, person passing you in the street….to subscribe, so they can see what a brilliant mind you have. New posts will go up every Thursday, so be sure to check blog.kustar.ac.ae to see them.  Also, we will be sure to share all new posts on all of our social media sites.


Share posts on Social Media through the floating Social bar or Social Media icons at end of the blog post

The site itself is pretty straightforward, posts are archived according to date and topic, anyone can subscribe and leave comments on posts, you can add tags similar to how you would on twitter, and popular posts will always float to the top.


Subscribe Form at the bottom of the Webpage

For those of you who have never written a blog before, here are some brief tips:

  1. Find a topic that appeals to you: Whether you want to discuss an aspect of what you’re studying/researching, a hobby or even just something that’s caught your attention and you want to voice your opinion, the KU Blog is your avenue for expression. It doesn’t have to be academic, or personal, it just has to be something you’re interested in and would like to share. 
  2. Remember your audience: While we don’t want to stifle creative talents, please remember that KU must uphold the standards and laws of the UAE, therefore, we request that you stay away from topics that are overly political or immoral (as judged by the laws and culture of the UAE).
  3. Don’t be too technical: It can be easy to drift into “tech-speak” or “jargon” when you are writing about something that you’re passionate about.  Please remember that not everyone is as up-to-date or well-versed in the topic as you are, and write accordingly. A piece of advice given to many journalists is “write at a level an eighth grader (12/13 year old) would understand” this is a good rule to follow for blog writing as well.
  4. Use lots of images! Pictures, graphs, tables, cartoons, doodles. A picture is worth a thousand words, so it goes to say that the right images can really help make a blog post great.
  5. Keep it clear, short (ish), and your voice: When writing your blog entry remember that reading text online can be difficult if it’s too text heavy.  It’s recommend that you try and keep the tone conversational, and not be afraid to use bullet points, and paragraph breaks to get your point across.  Also, the longer an article is, the less likely people will be to finish it.  A good suggestion is to keep a blog between 500 to 700 words in length.  Also, make sure your blog is yours, and not a cut and paste of someone else’s work.  While it’s ok to cite other sources, it’s never ok to plagiarize.
  6. Have fun! The KU Blog should be your avenue for expression, so have fun with it. Whether you’re writing about the traffic on your daily commute, an interesting question posed to your in class, or an overview of your last chess match, remember that your should be writing this because you want to and you enjoy doing it, not because you have to.  It isn’t homework.

So what are you waiting for? Get blogging!


Navigate to #tag from the floating Social Media Icons on the KU Website




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  1. We are very excited about launching #tag. We can’t wait to see the community’s contribution to make it the best blog in the world!

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